Frugal Wife

Sometimes I think I drive my husband crazy with how hard I work to save a buck.  We went grocery shopping last week and he wanted the 100 Calorie packs of pretzels to take to work in his lunch.  I said I wouldn’t buy them because I felt they were very expensive, but I would make my own version.  So off to the chip aisle I went for a big bag of pretzels and then to grab snack baggies.  I did pay full price for the baggies, but they will last us several rounds of snacks.  It took me about ten minutes to put the baggies together.  They ended up being 110 calories a baggie, but it was close enough for me.  From one bag of pretzels, I was able to get fifteen servings.  The package my husband wanted had ten servings.  I love getting more for less!  He was happy and I was happy. 

I need to find more items to make snack packs so my husband has more of a variety for his lunches.